An Encore Performance

Posted on 31. Jul, 2010 by in High School Seniors

As our faithful readers know, Elizabeth is our rep for Boyd. This is the last part of her senior session. We really got to play here. The cheerleading shot is a-mazing! And yes she really was jumping up in the air in front of that background. We didn’t cheat and take two photos and superimpose her into the background shot. Come on, how fun would¬†THAT have been?

Elizabeth also brought in her prom dress from last year. This wasn’t a trash the dress session, just beautiful and elegant portraits. She looks very grown up in the photo of her standing, and like she’s playing dress-up in someone¬† else’s dress in the other. I think its great that Brad can create two different ‘feels’ with the same outfit!

In case you missed it, and really how COULD you!? Here is the first part of Elizabeth’s session with us.

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Your Thoughts

  1. LRyan —  31. Jul, 2010

    Love the prom dress photos, the style of the dress goes with the building. Cool. How did you get the jumping image? She looks like she is ten feet in the air.

  2. Cansler Photography —  01. Aug, 2010

    Elizabeth showed me photos of the dress and as soon as I saw them I loved the Spanish flair to it and thought this building would be the perfect setting. She looks like she is ten feet high because she was jumping off something about four feet high and combined with her amazing jump up she probably was at least 7 or 8 feet high! The interesting thing was she did the same precise jump 4 times in a row to make sure I got what I wanted.