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Posted on 20. Jan, 2010 by in Family

Bennett12839The phone rang and when I answered  the man on the other end of the line said he wanted to talk about photographing his brand new baby boy.  These are the kind of calls I love to get because there is nothing as sweet as a brand new baby. I asked him, just like I do everyone that calls, “how did you happen to call us?” David told me he had found us through the internet. He and his wife Melissa had just moved to Chattanooga from Las Vegas, NV and didn’t know many people yet, so he did his research online. He had seen our website and blog and liked the images. It seems we are getting more and more calls from people who don’t know us but have seen our web presence. I invited him and his wife in to talk about what they wanted. Obviously we can do almost anything but if we don’t know what someone wants it is impossible to deliver the image that they desire.

They were looking for a photograph of their baby with a body cast they had made while mom was pregnant. During the discussion they said they were planning on hanging the cast in the baby’s room. I suggested that we hang the body mold on the wall and have the baby sleeping underneath the cast. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the day we were to do the photographs the baby didn’t want to sleep! This is typical for babies, whatever we want them to do they are going to do the opposite. If we want them sleep they are awake; if we want them alert and happy, they want to sleep or are grumpy. Part of the fun of photographing babies because they are so unpredictable. With patience you can get amazing images of them.

Bennett12896The last image we did was of the baby holding mom and dad’s wedding rings. Thanks David and Melissa for letting us share in your new baby experience. Bennett5864

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