Wall Portraits in Clients’ Homes

Posted on 25. Apr, 2019 by in Children, Family, Portraits

A few weeks ago, I delivered several portraits and installed them in my clients’ homes. It made me decide to post some recent and old installations of portraits I have created.

This portrait was done for one of my friends from Rotary of his grandchildren. Wonderful family!
I had the privilege of delivering and installing this new family portrait. It has been an honor to watching these children grow up, the best part of my job, being part of creating portraits that will bring memories alive forever!!!
While I was installing the previous family portrait, I had to take a quick iPhone image of a painting I had done of the children 8 years ago.
This art piece was done before the house was built, so dad installed a hidden framing light. When you walk into the room the portrait appears to be glowing! Obviously my favorite way to have my art displayed. We photographed these two this past weekend they are now a beautiful young lady and handsome grown man.

If you want to see more wall portraits on display in clients’ homes, check out this Album on my Facebook Page.

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