Being Present in the Moment

Posted on 04. Aug, 2017 by in Children, Family, Portraits

I hope you will be as shocked as I was, I recently read a study that states HALF of our waking hours are not spent being present in the moment. That means HALF of the moments we are spending with our family and children are MISSED. That accounts for so many sweet memories we will never have. Why do we find it so difficult to live in the now and so easy to let precious moments slip by? More importantly, how do we make an effort to make up for all the moments we will never remember? A Cansler portrait can help you remember special moments exactly how you imagined they would be. You may not have a lot of time on your hands with a toddler running through your home, carpooling the soccer team, and making sure your daughter gets to ballet class with her hair neatly in a bun, but making time to create a portrait you will cherish forever will never be regretted. 

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