More Senior Coffee Table Books

Posted on 03. Apr, 2017 by in High School Seniors

Playing catch up and haven’t had time to post much of anything on social media. Excited that we have an intern starting today to help stay up to date online.

Another one of our wonderful seniors from last year. In talking with Braden, during the planning session, he said he wanted to do something with piano and basketball. We made both of those happen at McCallie, except the day we showed up to do the piano portraits in the chapel all the power had been shut off to the chapel for maintenance! Ah, that is what we do, create under adversity. The basketball image had to be delayed because someone (Braden) had injured their foot and we had to wait for the doctors OK. Then I tried to give his mother and my assistant a heart attack because of my precarious perch high up on a ladder to get the overhead image I had in mind.

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