Cotton Ball Portrait – Debutante

Posted on 25. Sep, 2016 by in Family, Portraits

Probably the aspect of my job I enjoy the most is the opportunity to record milestones in my client’s lives. Lily has been a client since she was a small girl. I have enjoyed watching her grow into a lovely young lady. A couple of years ago I had the honor of creating unique images for her senior portraits. When her mom called and said she wanted to create some formal portraits of the family to coincide with the Cotton Ball I was excited because I am doing more and more elegant classic formal portraits. I thought that since her name is Lily and lilies are her favorite flowers, we should incorporate them into the photograph. In talking with mom, I asked if she had any antique lace or throws we could also use. She showed me two antiques both handmade by relatives in the past. We chose the one that picked up the detailing in Lily’s dress. My wife went and bought a vase that was perfect for the background and we created our set. Great images don’t just happen, they take planning and thought. Every image tells a story, we want to tell compelling stories for our families.haskins_8451912_fbhaskins_8451973_fb haskins_8451935_fb

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