Don’t Miss Winter

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SkiingWinter is a time of the year when our instinct is to hunker down and go into hibernation mode. We keep closer to hearth and home, curling up with good books and good food. Soup is king in the cold.

All of these things are our natural inclinations to get through the dark, cold months.

But each season brings its own brand of beauty to the annual table. We can miss out on so many lovely things if we aren’t in the frame of mind to look for them.

Planning a night out to the Symphony; taking a walk in the crisp, cool air; sharing a meal with a beloved aunt; tying a scarf and gloves to a tree for someone who may need them—these are things we can miss out on if we heed hibernation’s call.

Spring will soon enough be making her way to us. This last bit of winter is our chance to seize those moments that are lovely and beautiful. Let’s not miss out!

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