Aesthetically Pleasing Spaces

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We are getting down to the business of not only bearing, but thriving in winter. The holidays are past and days are slowly creeping into the longer category. We have set goals for our year, always hoping to be moving forward. Alongside the opportunity the new year provides sits the reality that temperatures keep us indoors the majority of the time.

This reality makes one recognize how important it is to make sure that your home is filled with things that make you happy when your eyes land on them. The shelf of your favorite books, that treasured memento from a vacation, the artwork that captured your heart the moment you saw it; these kinds of things offer a mental tonic that can combat the winter blues every time you see them. Something as simple as a brightly colored throw or lamp can give you a lift.

We all understand that the days with the longest stretch of darkness can be hard. We believe firmly that having your favorite (old and new) photographs filled with the most beloved faces has a positive impact on the atmosphere in your home.Marcum_1659

Let’s take this time when nature dictates where we spend it, to look at our spaces with fresh eyes. Something as simple as switching out a few decor pieces or adding to your portrait wall can make hearth and home all the more warm and inviting while the winds blow outside.

There are many things that you can do to combat the winter blues. Creating an aesthetically pleasing space where you spend most of your time is something worth doing.

Every home needs portraits of the ones you care about, we would love to make something beautiful for you.

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