Reclaiming Your Portrait Legacy

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Worley_120431Recently I had the opportunity to do some restoration of old faded images. In the past, I have never done these myself but have recommended others for this type of work. At one point, I happened to be in need of some restoration work and sent off an image to someone else. The results I got back were abysmal to say the least. So recently, when asked if I would do some restoration of images, I said yes. It is tedious work but the reward was in having thrilled clients who now have a restored image that reminds them of how important the photograph was to begin with.

These two sisters was the first image I worked on. Brian wanted to surprise his wife (the little one in the image) and her sister with a Christmas present. His wife had mentioned wanting to have the photograph restored several years ago, but as is often the case, it was put off. I told Brian he was going to score major brownie points since it had been forgotten and would be a total surprise.

First, I carefully copied the image, then the hard work started. Not only was the whole image faded and color shifted but there were many weird colors in the hair and yellow spots on the dresses. In addition, when the image was taken originally, someone had decided to airbrush out the background and for some unknown reason, chopped off the youngest sisters right arm and part of the older sisters leg! After investing way too many hours (the perfectionist in me), I was finally pleased with the results and created a portrait for each of the sisters.

I delivered the finished portraits a couple days before Christmas and waited anxiously to hear whether Brian was a superhero. Evidently he was!

The second image was a whole different animal… I will share the story about that one in the next few weeks.

It was such a kick to be able to do these restorations and know that I was creating something special for the families. So now you know, if you want restoration of a treasured portrait, and you want it done well, call us!

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