Starting all over again, well not quite.

Posted on 10. Apr, 2014 by in Children, Portraits

What a gorgeous day today. I finished with a fun session. First off no ugly comments about how old I am! The last session today was the opportunity to photograph a 6 month old baby he was great but the fun part is I photographed his mom when she was 6 months old and have been photographing her ever since. It was wonderful to see mom, grandma and to meet the newest member of the family. Mom was coming straight from work. The session was going so well grandma asked if we could do something of mom and son. We had everything set up from a previous session the only problem was mom was in her nurses uniform. Fortunately I have several black shirts so suggested naked baby and mom in black. Here is one of the images. Great way to start the weekend! Thanks Debbie, Allie and of course the star John Michael.ReynoldsReynolds2

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