What it means to be a Professional

Posted on 29. May, 2013 by in Brad, He-Said-She-Said

Today I had to go home to meet the repair man from Chattanooga Garage Door Company. My spring had broken and it needed replacing. Could I have done it this past weekend? Of course, I have all the tools and I am pretty handy but I have never done one before and knew it would take a substantial amount of time for me to do. The repair guy was done in fifteen minutes and it was done right. As I drove …back to the office I was thinking about my own business. Today everyone has their own camera(the tools) and they think because they own the tools that makes them a “professional”. Recently I was hired by a corporation to repair(do over) their photography. They had hired a “professional” (an owner of tools) and had received images that were not what they wanted. It didn’t matter how monetarily cheap the images were, in reality they were very expensive. Not only was money wasted, time was also wasted.
Here is my definition of a professional: “An individual or company that has invested and continues to invest not only in the right tools but in extensive training in order to deliver a consistently superior service and or product. A company or individual that handles all interactions with integrity, accountability, compassion and excellence”.

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