Making the best of a gloomy day

Posted on 28. Oct, 2012 by in Family, Portraits

What a gloomy day! Oh well we started this morning creating a portrait of a family, grandparents, mom and dad and two adorable children. I wanted sun but since nature wouldn’t cooperate I had to fake it since this was the only time our schedules were in sync. Mounted lights high up (13 ft) to fake sunlight. The wind was blowing like crazy so the lights stands had 32lbs of weights on them to keep them upright. I was standing in the turn lane of a busy road to get the right angle. I guess I’m a little nuts. Hey nobody hit me, so maybe not.

Here is a┬ásome choices from this mornings session. I haven’t viewed all the images. I liked these and thought I would share. As I mentioned everyone did great.


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