Sydney in front of the Japanese maple

Posted on 14. Nov, 2011 by in Children, Portraits

Yesterday was the day of our annual trek to do photographs of Sydney in front of the Japanese maple. Every year since she was 8 months old we have photographed her in front, beside, or in the middle of the branches.┬áThe day was cloudy with only occasional sun peeking through which causes a problem because the tree dosn’t come alive visually unless it is backlit or unless it has sidelighting. There was none of that yesterday so I had to fake sunlight! In the last image it was getting very dark so she had to hold still for over a second so she would be sharp. We took a lot of this image with most of them blurry from movement.

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Your Thoughts

  1. Leah —  17. Nov, 2011

    This cannot be Sydney…Brad, it has been quite some time but every once in awhile I check your website to catch of glimpse of her and she has grown into such a beautiful girl! I know she doesn’t remember me, but give her my love just the same.

    Leah Price

  2. Cansler Photography —  17. Nov, 2011

    Leah, she was too little to remember you but we have a couple of photos of when you were here.