Romance is for Everyone

Posted on 26. May, 2011 by in Couples, Portraits

David and Tara came by our booth at the Tri-State Home Show this spring and talked with me about doing photographs of the two of them. Their kids are grown and they wanted some images to celebrate their relationship. We talked about what they liked to do and what they enjoyed together. We decided to to do some traditional portraits outside but in addition to that to also do something with them interacting with each other enjoying a glass of wine. I loved the idea, you know the whole “a loaf bread and thou” thing.

When we were discussing the session it was cold and bleak outside so obviously we had to wait for spring. The session was scheduled several months in advance and finally the day arrived. We had a lot of fun, the temperature was perfect and the lighting was slightly hazy give everything a soft look. Thanks David and Tara for letting us create something memorable for you.


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