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The birth of a child. Amazing isn’t it, what that one little sentence conveys? The laughter, the smiling parents’ faces, all the brightness of a new life. Rondi and Mike are experiencing all of these wonderful things for the first time with Blake, the beautiful baby boy in these portraits.

This family is just as beautiful in person as in their portraits. The day of the session, both parents were calm and soft spoken. And they had only been parents for a week! Blake was a perfect angel, asleep for most of the session.

Rondi and Mike, congratulations and  thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special time. We hope to be to share many more important moments with your family!

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Your Thoughts

  1. Janet Doseff —  01. Feb, 2011

    Mike and Rondi are just as sweet, kind and loving as you saw them at the photo shoot. Blake will grow up in a very happy home. I especially like the way Mike is holding Blake’s little foot. I will treasure these pictures forever! (Mike is my first grandchild)……Janet Doseff