New Year Resolution

Posted on 25. Jan, 2011 by in He-Said-She-Said

I have never been one to do new years resolutions specifically. I have always set goals throughout the year for the various things I want to accomplish. Well this year I have made a new years resolution and thought that I would share it. Over the last few years I have been packing on the pounds just a few here and there but they were starting to add up. I told my daughter that I was going to lose 25 lbs and she said “Dad you have always been fat ever since I was born” OUCH! Well she is right and I am tired of it. So my new year resolution is to lose that extra¬†25 lbs that I need to.

I will keep you posted on my progress. Why am I telling you this? Extra motivation to stick with the plan since I put the info out here that I am going to lose it and I don’t want to lose face. I started 2 weeks ago with cutting back on my portions and exercise. At this point I have lost 8lbs. I am not starving myself or going to try any weird diets just eating a little more sensibly and getting more exercise. I am not looking for rapid weight loss just permanent reduction.

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