What We’re Thankful For…

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So yes, I realize this is a very standard blog post topic right now. But I think its a mental exercise EVERYONE benefits from doing. Very often we go through our day-to-day existence and forget all the really really good things that happen to us every day. We focus on the one bad thing in our otherwise pleasant day. Or we just cannot get past that one ‘BIG’ thing that we are letting completely ruin our week, month, year. And yes, unpleasant things happen. Yes, they can feel insurmountable. But they aren’t. What I’ve worked out is this…….. if I let the few ‘bad’ things that happen to me completely obscure my view of the good things, it’s sort of MY fault. With that in mind, below is the Cansler Studio list of things to be thankful for. Well, it’s at least the top 5.

1. Our great clients ( we have the best in town… didn’t you know?)

2. The chance to NOT work in a desk job!!

3. Getting to play at work (you should see what goes on during a child’s session; my fav are the bubbles!)

4. The opportunity to be creative every day

5. Crazy coworkers who make the workday fun 😉

That’s our list!

What are YOU thankful for this year?

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