Same Place this Year

Posted on 16. Nov, 2010 by in Children, Portraits

The first time Sydney was photographed in this spot she was 9 months old and just starting to pull up on things. Meaning we didn’t have to chase her around yet! Every year since then we have made the trip to photograph her in this location. Over the last nine years the Japanese maple has grown keeping pace with Sydney. This time the branches had grown enough that the rock we had sat on 9 years ago was covered. Sydney tried to lean against the rock but there was a slight breeze so the branches kept gently blowing in front of her face, we all got a good laugh out the that.When Helen saw the photographs her only complaint was that Sydney looked a little too old. Of course Sydney didn’t agree with her. Darn they grow up so fast! Last year when we did photographs in this spot it was cold and windy this time it was balmy and perfect. Next year, who knows?

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Your Thoughts

  1. kathleen —  19. Mar, 2011

    That is what Helen said about her photographs at four too.

  2. Cansler Photography —  27. Mar, 2011

    Kathleen, Yes she did and she will probably keep saying it.