Madison’s Amazing 13th Birthday

Posted on 08. Jul, 2010 by in Children, Portraits

The phone rang and as I answered it a familiar voice said “I know you don’t usually do this type of photograph BUT would you please do this for me?” With an intro like that how am I supposed to say no, so I said hello and proceeded to find out what my good friend Christine had up her sleeve.  Let me back up a minute, 11 years ago I met Christine when she scheduled our studio to take portraits of her then two year old daughter.  We hit it off, her husband was cool and her daughter Madison was a blast,  over the years we have become good friends.She had this interesting idea of something that would be different for her daughter’s 13th birthday.  Normally I don’t do events so that is why she had to explain that she wanted to do a mini fashion shoot for Madison and her friends. The day came and when it was time to do the fashion shoot the temperature cooperated, the wind blew perfectly and the girls had fun.

“Dear Brad,
When I contacted you about the part I wanted you to play in our daughter Madison’s 13th birthday party, you were up for the challenge. In planning her “Amazing 13th” birthday, I knew that it would be amazing to her, if she could go on a “photo shoot” with her friends. I gave you my idea and you made it your own with “Brad’s creative touch.” Complete with off-site location, urban feel and a true model like photo op, your talents cease to amaze us. It’s hard to believe that Madison is 13! Mark and I thank you for capturing each moment along the way. You haven’t just created photos, but rather brought out her personality and individuality in each of them. She will never forget her “Amazing 13th” birthday photo shoot. Thank you for your creativity and artful eye. You are amazing!
Mark & Christine Waldrop”

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Your Thoughts

  1. Stephanie Dotson —  08. Jul, 2010

    Fun, fun, fun! Certainly an event that Madison (and her friends) will never forget! The pictures are amazing and the girls are beautiful! Christine pulled off another amazing event! Kudos to her and Brad for a wonderful memory!

  2. Sharon Robberson —  08. Jul, 2010

    It is so fun to see the end result of such a fun day! I’m so glad I was included in the festivities and got to enjoy all the enthusiastic young girls that helped Madison celebrate her special day! With Brad capturing the whole thing in pictures it will be a fabulous memory for Madison to reflect on! I had a blast just watching it all unfold – Christine did an excellent job putting the whole event together!! Thanks Brad for your great eyes through the lens!

  3. Al yse M. Waldrop( Hester) —  09. Jul, 2010

    My goodness where has the time went? Madison is growing up fast. She is such a very beautiful young girl. I am so proud to be her aunt, and so proud she is my niece. I have pictures from the very first time Madison was brought in to Brad for pictures. I know Madison and the girls had a BLAST! I am also proud to have Christine as my sister-in-law. You are the BEST Mother, Wife,Friend,Sister-law that anybody could have!!! I love McCall so much. She is a beautiful young girl. Mark my brother, what a blessing you are to me,and I know to everyone else who knows you!!! What a great father,husband you are also. I love all of you very much with all my heart!! Brad thanks for all the great eyes through the lens through the years,you made me feel like I was there in person!

  4. Cansler Photography —  29. Jul, 2010

    Thanks for all the kind comments. Madison has been so fun to watch as she has grown up. This is the best part of what I do being a small part of all my clients lives.