Acting Out(siders)

Posted on 29. Jul, 2010 by in High School Seniors

Alex brought in an armload of props and cast shirts from all the plays he’s been in. We decided to use his cast t-shirt from ‘The Outsiders’ and use really dramatic lighting to get the melancholy feel of the book. With Alex getting into character, he was Ponyboy, we had fun just goofing off. The photo at the top is one of the best though it was hard to choose just one to show you.

Then I had this wonderful suggestion – to go into the basement for a really gritty, very masculine look for the next set of photos. As we were lugging the equipment down a couple flights of stairs and around all the boxes stored down there, Brad looks at me and says, with sarcasm “I asked for a GOOD suggestion, not a DIFFICULT one.” Heehee. But I was right! They look awesome!

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Your Thoughts

  1. Barbi —  29. Jul, 2010

    Alex! So handsome and grown…fabulous pictures!

  2. Cansler Photography —  31. Jul, 2010

    Thanks, Alex was a blast to photograph because he was up for anything