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Posted on 21. May, 2010 by in High School Seniors

Meet Laura. She’s our first senior model this year and we went a little overboard with her session.  But look at the photos!! It was well worth the extra time. So let me make the informal introductions. Laura is a rising senior at Notre Dame. She claims she ‘doesn’t do anything cool’ but don’t believe her. She has plenty of personality and enthusiasm which I’m certain she brings to EVERYTHING she does. And that always makes something cool. Among other things, Laura was willing to sashay down our sidewalk like it was a runway, ride in circles on her moped while wearing a dress and heels, and then prop herself up on a piece of sidewalk sculpture. All without complaint or question. The moped and heels was all Brad, but I have to take credit for asking her to lie down on a sidewalk and prop her feet up on a sculpture. The crazy positions and situations definitely made some laughs!

“I didn’t exactly know what to expect out of a senior photo shoot, but it was way better than I ever thought it would be. Not only was I extremely pleased with the photographs that were taken, but it was also so much fun. Brad and Laura were great! They made me feel comfortable and kept me laughing. If you want your senior photographs to be unique and beautiful; Cansler is definitely the place for you. Thanks guys!”

                              -Laura G.

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  1. Noelle —  14. Jun, 2010

    Wow! Love the scooter photo! Very Roman Holiday.