Spring is Here!

Posted on 13. Apr, 2010 by in Children, Portraits

Spring calls to mind daffodils and sunshine…. and Mollie’s yellow dress! She brought the on again – off again warm spring weather into the studio with this outfit; and of course, her sunny disposition. Ok, Ok, I’ll stop with the allusions to yellow.

Mollie came to the studio with BOTH Mom and Dad, she must be very special, and charmed Brad and me. We couldn’t fight the bright blue eyes, cute cheeks, and sweet personality. And I’ll bet neither can you! Brad even let her keep her hair bow, which doesn’t happen a lot. She was a perfect Strasburg baby!

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Your Thoughts

  1. Chris and Melisa (Mollie's Dad and Mom) —  15. Apr, 2010

    Thanks so much Laura! Mollie had such a great time with you and Brad (so did we)!!! Brad does brilliant work and he really did capture her personality in these photographs! The quality of your work is uncomparable! Thanks for creating such beautiful lifetime memories!!!

    Melisa and Chris
    (Mollie’s Mom and Dad)

  2. Dolores & Jerry Beavers —  16. Apr, 2010

    Brad and Laura,
    When Melisa showed me the pictures of Mollie (our first granddaughter), I thought she looked just so sweet, cute, and you did such a wonderful job in taking her picture. I think she is so beautiful, but what do I know…I am only her grandmother.

    Dolores and Jerry
    (Mollie’s paternal grandparents)

  3. Judy and Ron —  16. Apr, 2010

    She is absolutely beautiful!!!!! I can’t stop looking at her. The pictures are amazing.

  4. Nola Beavers - (GG) - Mollie's great grandmother —  16. Apr, 2010

    It is like looking at Chris at this age. She is sooooo cute. I love the red toe nails.

  5. Faye Van Biezen —  20. Apr, 2010

    Dolores & Jerry Beavers – Brad and Laura
    What a beauty!!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!! She is certainly a Princess!!!

  6. Adam Beavers (Pround Uncle) —  22. Apr, 2010

    It’s hard to believe that my brother could help create someone as sweet as Mollie. Just Kidding! I love it when she comes to visit. She means more to me than you can know.
    She is beautiful.

  7. Butler Pardue —  23. Apr, 2010

    My beautiful Granddaughter! She is so precious!

  8. Frances H. Price —  23. Apr, 2010

    I must say she is very BEAUTIFUL.

    Thanks for sharing with me.

  9. Kristi (Mollie's "Aunt") —  27. May, 2010

    These pictures are beautiful! Great job! Truly timeless.