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Robert Bernhardt, Music Director and Conductor

For the Oh What a Night! CSO Guild Gala, Brad has been photographing the ten principals of the symphony and orchestra as well as the conductor, Robert Bernhardt. These portraits will be showcased at the Gala on April 24, 2010. This group has been so much fun to work with. Hearing the stories of how each person came to Chattanooga has been, by turns, inspiring, amusing, and engrossing. It’s amazing to get to see the pieces of something the public usually views as one entity. After all, an orchestra is a bunch of individual lives and stories that make one group effort.

But since we’re the ones taking the photographs, we can give you a sneak peak before the unveiling! Shhhhh! Don’t tell. Well…. it’s a sneak peak if you haven’t seen a certain magazine around town(Chatter Magazine). All the portraits were taken inside our wonderful Tivoli Theatre. Every musician was placed in a different location to get the most out of the location. I mean, who wants to look at a bunch of photographs with the same background over and over? So Brad made the setting just as intriguing as the musicians themselves. Take a look and tell us what YOU think. 

Lisa Dempsey, Associate Concertmaster and Principal 1st Violin

Eric Anderson, Principal Bassoon

Robert Burks, Principal Oboe

Robert Elder, Principal Viola

Joe Ferris, Principal Bass

Janet Hale, Principal Flute

Gordon James, Principal Horns

Eric Reed, Principal Cello

Robert West, Principal Clarinet

Sheri Peck, Principal 2nd Violin

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  1. JJohnson —  10. Apr, 2010

    A friend forwarded this post to me. I just wanted to say each of the portraits has a distinct personality. It is nice to see classic images done so well. All the musicians look like someone it would be fun to get to know. Congrats to you and all your subjects.