I Can’t Wait

Posted on 17. Mar, 2010 by in Brad, He-Said-She-Said

Well actually I’m trying  to but I thought that I would share a little teaser with you. I have been working on a major project for the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera that is nearing completion. I was talking with Ken and Karen Berry from Chatter Magazine a couple of months ago and we were discussing about an upcoming feature on Cansler Photography. I was telling them about the project that I was doing with the CSO and suggested instead of a feature on me why not do the feature on the CSO showcasing  all the photography that I was doing.  Sort of like killing two birds with one stone. Feature the CSO and help them with publicity and by doing that show off my lastest work. Well they loved the idea so in the upcoming issue of Chatter there is going to be a major feature on the CSO and by association Cansler Photography.

The I can’t wait part comes into play because I am excited for everyone to see the images that I have done but I am trying to wait to when it is closer to when Chatter comes out! I may not be able to wait that long so stayed tuned.

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