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Posted on 17. Mar, 2010 by in Children, Portraits

Alexandra Sophia came to see us yesterday. Or Alex as her parents call her. She’s a Miracle Child for T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital annual calendar. Right from the beginning we could tell that this little girl knows what she’s about. Alex was having none of Brad’s silliness. I could see the look of “I’m too mature for that” on her face. Hilarious! Watching an adult make ridiculous noises while a child looks at them with confusion is priceless! And it makes for a very classic image, so no complaints here. 

We did get a few golden smiles from Alex. She lights up when Mommy and Daddy clap their hands together. So a big thank you to them for being temporary assistants, bet they didn’t know that was coming.  Alex has already overcome a lot in her one year of life and she definitely has the composure to make it through the rest with a serene grace I think most of us would love to have.

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Your Thoughts

  1. Brian —  17. Mar, 2010

    Great pictures Brad. Thanks for everything. We will be in next week to pick out a bunch.

    From Brian and Amy, Alex’s mom and dad.

  2. Auntie Laura —  18. Mar, 2010

    She is Beautiful, and has a wonderful life ahead of her, that she worked so hard to to be a part of. Truly another of our family’s miracles.

  3. *judy —  22. Mar, 2010

    How elegant at such a young age!
    She is mature beyond her year(s).
    Beautiful photography, Brad!