Letting Go

Posted on 21. Jan, 2010 by in Children, Portraits

One of my favorite (I have a lot of favorites) little boys came in recently to do a new portrait for mom and to use for Christmas cards. We talked about what mom wanted and we decided to do some very natural B&W’s. Ryan came in and we had a blast he got to jump around and be silly. We did some scooting along the floor making faces then we layed down on his tummy and did some more cute images.

Then the last thing I asked him to do was to look out the window while I told him to look at the squirrel, the dog, the cat, the horse etc. All those things were imaginary except we do have a few squirrels around. He did great at pretending and looking out the window. Mom may have a major thespian on her hands some day! As so often happens these images were mom and my favorite images even though these weren’t planned in advance. Life is so full of unexpected turns and learning to relax and just flow with it is usually best. Sometimes I have a hard time with that, being somewhat of a control freak. One of my new years resolutions is to learn to let go more. 

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