Fun With Matt

Posted on 28. Jan, 2010 by in Children, Portraits

It has taken a while and we finally were able to schedule Matt’s session. Mom and Dad had purchased a gift certificate at the St. Peter’s School Auction and we were having a hard time coordinating our schedules to actually do the portraits. The day arrived brisk and cool but very nice. Matt came in and proceeded to enjoy teasing my assistant. They got into a tickle competition, then more of a wrestling match and finally a demonstration of various holds. I was busy talking with mom and deciding on clothes and location to match the clothes.

All to soon, for Matt, we were ready to change clothes and start photographs. With a promise to him of more fun to come we went and did several beautifully classic images outside. Mom had said originally that she wanted the dramatic B&W’s that I am known for. It was a nice day so we decided to start outside with the preppy casual look. Matt was looking forward to torturing (just kidding) my assistant some more so he was super cooperative and we were done quickly.

We then went inside to do the portraits that had been the original plan. Well after some more of the tickling and wrestling we settled down to creating some timeless B&W’s.

Here again he did great and we were done fast.  At the last minute we included mom in a few images so she could surprise Dad for Christmas. What a wonderful present for Dad and a fabulous memory for Matt.

When mom came in to view the images she changed her mind and chose a color outdoor image for her main portrait. This happens all the time; we are so sure of what we want until we see something else we want more. Of course the B&W’s were great and she got some of those but the “over the mantel” piece ended up being one of  the first color images we took.

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