It is Just a Matter of Perspective!

Posted on 27. Dec, 2009 by in Brad, He-Said-She-Said

We have been in Miami for the last several days for the Christmas Holiday. When Helen and Sydney arrived it was a little chilly (for Miami). Sydney was dying to go swimming but it was very cool and a couple of days it was cloudy and even rained some. The day after Christmas it was bright and sunny but still cool. Sydney started asking can I go swimming in the morning so finally around noon I said ok but you are going to freeze. It was about 73 degrees and windy but she was determined. As you can imagine the water was quite cool from being cloudy and cool. Well she jumped in and started swimming I asked her if it was cold but she said it was fine even though she was covered in goose bumps. She had a blast diving, swimming and splashing her grandparents dog Taffy. Then she wanted me to toss her into the pool needless to say I got wet!P1070421














She swam for a couple of hours then finally got out. As I sat there watching her I thought how easy it is (as we mature?) to lose that ability to take the plunge and experience all that life has to offer. From her perspective the pleasure that she got from swimming was much greater than the slight discomfort of being a little cool.



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