Okay, Third Time is the Charm…It Just Has to be!

Posted on 12. Nov, 2009 by in High School Seniors

Scruggs4547Scruggs4352Kelly and her mom, Carolyn, were so much fun and very patient. Because of the massive amounts of rain we have been getting lately we kept having to reschedule her session, I thought it was never going to stop raining! They had to come in three times to finish up Kelly’s session, but it was well worth it. The best part about it is they loved coming in and hanging out with Brad and I and thought it was a blast! We did a lot of really cool stuff inside and then eventually, weather permitting, outside with Kelly.

We finally set another day for her to come in, the weather was supposed to cooperate with us, but of course once Kelly and her mom got to the studio the clouds rolled over and it started raining! We couldn’t believe it, but we ended up getting some really cool black and whites inside and rescheduled the outside shots for what we hoped would be a sunny morning.

The final day we photographed Kelly turned out to be a pretty clear day but boy was it cold! Kelly was such a trooper, standing out in the freezing cold with sundresses on trying to act like it was hot out! She did a really good job! In between shots her mom was tossing her jacket to her so she could warm up a bit. We even had her dancing around in place to keep the blood flowing. She was such a good sport about it and you would never even know she was absolutely freezing when she took the pictures! For some crazy reason to pass the time in between outfits and the fog trying to roll in we started talking about skiing and going out west, when we probably should have been talking about the Bahamas or some place WARM. Brad and Carolyn had both been to Big Sky recently to go skiing and were trying to remember the name of a certain trail and couldn’t think of it. All of a sudden Carolyn pulls out her map of Big Sky from her jacket, obviously the one she wore out skiing, and they were able to reminisce about all the trails that are fun to go on. Kelly and I thScruggs4464ought it was just too funny!

I really hope that Kelly and her mom love her photographs as much as I do. I wish her all the best in the rest of her senior year and where ever she decides to go to College. It is such an exciting time for all of our seniors making some of their first of many big decisions in their lives.Scruggs4531

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