GPS Art Students

Posted on 12. Nov, 2009 by in He-Said-She-Said

The other day I had to drop off photographs on a CD for the GPS yearbook of the many senior girls we photographed this year. Being new in town I had always seen GPS but had never had a reason to drive up and into the school. Let me just say that I was very impressed with the art that was being displayed in the front office. I mean, WOW these young ladies  are creating such complex, detailed, and intuitive works of art. There were self portraits that were so much more than just drawings but rather reflections of their inner person. I was blown away! Being an art student all throughout Highschool and in College  getting a minor in Studio Art, I know how much time and dedication goes into one small piece. I was very inspired and encouraged by the  students art work. Keep up the awesome work ladies!

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