Terrible 3’s? Not Today

Posted on 22. Oct, 2009 by in Children, Portraits

Well I guess we are on a roll. I mentioned in another post about how I thought it was the terrible threes not the terrible twos. Well, I may have to eat my words; we just did our second three year old session in a week and she was great too. Wow, maybe I am living right.

Lisa called to schedule her second child’s session and we discussed that she wanted to do something similar to what I had done of her oldest daughter. So we found a time that worked for both of us. She said sometimes her littlest can be shy. Not today, she did great. It was a little chilly but she stood on the steps like a trouper and we were able to get the photographs quickly. The only problem was that mom had a hard time deciding on which ones to get.Smith11773I told Blaire as we drove away, don’t get too used to perfect three year olds, they aren’t always. Being a parent I know how quickly a little angel can turn into something a little less desirable. I know that it has been said before, but this is why I love kids, their unpredictability. That may sound crazy and yes sometimes it drives me a little nuts but it makes for a livey time. The one thing I can say about photographing children –┬áit is never dull.Smith11788

Smith11819At the last minute we threw mom into the photograph for a sweet finish,(just like dessert).

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