A Whole lot of Work!

Posted on 06. Oct, 2009 by in Brad, He-Said-She-Said

We just finished with the 2009 Fall Home Decor Show at the Chattanooga Convention Center. My intention was to share images with you each day but as is typical for these type of events everything that could go wrong did. So the construction took much longer than intended and I was just too tired to post. How is that for an excuse?

When we arrived someone had messed up and we were in a booth space that would not work for the set that we had designed. After standing around waiting for what seemed forever(actually it wasn’t that long) we were told that we would have to move to a different aisle and location.  Then we began construction. Those of you who have been by our display at the Spring Home Show wouldn’t recognize the new display so we thought you might get a kick out of seeing what it looked liked. I know it looks like it went fast it didn’t.

HomeShow2009Fall from Brad Cansler on Vimeo.

We went with more of a gallery look to our display as opposed to more of a room like the spring show. At the show some of the comments from clients were that they liked the new look. Let us know what you think.

This image is looking down the main aisle towards our display.HomeShow2009-2950

These two images are from either side of the booth looking into it. HomeShow2009-2933HomeShow2009-2947









This image is from inside the display.HomeShow2009-2934

Thanks to my parents Ralph & Vera Cansler, Bob Busby, Blaire Foster, Kliness DeButy and my wife Helen and my daughter Sydney for all their help.

Your Thoughts

  1. Blaire —  06. Oct, 2009

    LOOKS SO GOOD! Fun memories of learning how to use power tools, wall putty, paint and staple guns. I think I am ready to build a house!

  2. Helen —  07. Oct, 2009

    Poor Syd, she was really a trooper. We were at the trade center until 12:30 am. The van was parked in front of the booth so I put her in the front seat and said close your eyes. When we left for home, my car was right outside so I walked her out the door and into the car; she said she didn’t remember anything.

  3. Beth —  07. Oct, 2009

    It looks beautiful, fabulous job! You never stop amazing me with your talent. Oh yeah… nice job Helen.

    Love ya,


  4. Peggy —  09. Oct, 2009

    I don’t just like this…I LOVE this! It looks amazing!

  5. Christine Waldrop —  04. Nov, 2009

    Amazing! I just love this look. They say when you are doing what you love it shows. Well, your passion for your work is apparent. Not only in your “to perfection” photos, but, even in your displays of these works of art. Great job!!