I’m sorry did Taylor Swift just walk into Cansler Photography?

Posted on 07. Aug, 2009 by in High School Seniors


Caitlin and her mom came in not to long ago inquiring about our senior sessions and portraits. You know when you see someone and they have an uncanny resemblance to someone, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

That’s what happened the first time I met Caitlin. It really drove me crazy for the rest of the day. Then it hit me. Caitlin could really be Taylor Swift’s long lost twin. (In case you haven’t been keeping up with you’re tween gossip or country music knowledge, Taylor Swift is the young country sensation who is topping the country and pop billboards. She also had a torrid love affair, probably through text messages, with one of those Jonas Brothers.) If you haven’t seen her or don’t believe me please google for yourselves after looking at this images of Caitlin looking gorgeous in her favorite Juicy Couture outfits.

I can’t speak for Taylor because I’ve never met her, but I have met Caitlin. She was great fun to photograph, work with, and an absolute sweetheart! We are looking forward to sharing the rest of her images from her Ultimate session when we complete the second half, so stay tuned!Brainerd6801Brainerd7011


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