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Krista and Brad have been trying to plan the session we did this morning for quite a while now. Luckily today was the day, and we were finally going to be able to do Krista’s family session. It was a crisp and clear morning. We headed out to the golf course and had a couple of spots in mind already. There are 3 keys to shooting on any golf course in my opinion. You absolutely must pick spots that are
1. Not in the sprinkler system’s line of fire, unless you’re going for that Happy Gilmore “meet us at ninth green at nine” look.
2. Preferably any where out of the way so that you aren’t interrupting the greenskeeper. Remember they wear those ear plugs in part to drown out the mowers and to also drown out the screams of photographers who find them not blending particularly well into the background of their photographs.
3. Look for spots that are lush, green, and gorgeous.
May I also add for the ladies being photographed at the golf course, leave your stilettos at home. Most places only like aerating once maybe twice a year.
All these reasons and more led us to the little walk across bridge for our session. It was just off the cart path, and people you just don’t get much better lighting and scenery than this!Holtzclaw8528

Holtzclaw8623Lucky for us, we have subjects like Krista and her family who can make any great looking location even better! They were absolutely a blast to work with, and Brad and I had too much fun driving around in their golf cart with all our gear. I think we broke 10mph more than once. We’re wild what can I say? Hope you love these new images, because we sure do!Holtzclaw8647

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  1. jim and melle cleghorn —  26. Oct, 2009

    What a beautiful family! Of course, we might be just a little bit biased .since we are Krista’s parents.