Because Everyone Wants To Make Mom Happy

Posted on 13. Jul, 2009 by in High School Seniors

Mitchell came in today with his mom for his Basic session. This is fairly typical with the high school senior guys we photograph. Are they as excited as the girls? Usually not, but most of them have one thing in common. They know this is going to really make their mom happy, so they cooperate with minimal kicking and screaming. (I’m exaggerating, but only slightly)Meek6249

Mitchell brought his one casual outfit, but I’m not sure if he’ll be wearing it out to dinner with friends or on a date anytime soon. Why, you may ask? He brought gear for his swim team. He also had some great ideas for what he wanted his photographs to look like. We built off of those ideas, and we ended up with some really different looking shots unlike anything we had done before with one of our seniors.
We knew it was a stretch, but we managed to squeeze in one more outfit. Well, it was a make shift outfit but still a different look. So he lost the suit and tie we had to have for his formal yearbook pose, and ended up with a little more traditional casual outfit if you will. They turned out great!Meek6277

The session was a great success for three reasons:
1. Mom is going to have so much fun seeing all the great shots we got, and going to have fabulous senior portraits of Mitchell.
2. Mitchell didn’t end up having a terrible time (even though he says he hates being photographed), and I think he’ll really like a lot of the shots that were his idea!
and finally on a selfish note…
3. Brad and I have cool stuff to share with all of you!
It was a win win for everyone.Meek8083Meek8137

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