Big Sis…Little Sis Session

Posted on 03. Jun, 2009 by in Children, Portraits

Rylee and Addie came to the studio this morning for their session with grandparents, parents, and a Wilson in tow. “A Wilson” is one of the cutest little French bulldogs I’ve ever seen, and just so happens to throw Rylee and Addie into a fit of happiness whenever he comes around. What I loved about this session, and any session with two siblings for that matter, is not only the bond they have no matter what the age, but how the older sibling cares for and helps with their little brother or sister.Miles5351Rylee and Addie were a perfect example of this today. Addie is a 1 year old TODAY! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS GIRL!) She’s still in that “I’m figuring out this whole walking and standing thing” phase. Rylee, who is a great big sister and 3, was right there holding little sister’s hand helping her stay steady. The best part though was if Addie got a little wobbly and sat down, well Rylee sat right down with her. Rylee was so attentive to her little sister, and was always ready to help by giving a hand to hold her up, a hug to keep her still, and example to follow when it came time to be a littMiles5480le silly and lay tummies down on the floor. You can already tell these two little girls are going to be the kind of sisters that play together, stay up too late together, share secrets, and probably when they’re older share clothes.

Miles5529I had a blast spending time with these two lovely little ladies who were full of giggles and shy little smiles.


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