Almost Rained Out on Anamarie

Posted on 05. Jun, 2009 by in High School Seniors


Anamarie is the winner of our Facebook make me laugh contest. For telling me the funniest laugh out loud story she received a free senior session and a portrait package of her favorite shots. I was really excited when Anamarie and her mom came in to talk about her session, and I could tell they were too.

I was NOT excited to find out Wednesday that was forecasting thunderstorms for Thursday morning which was when we had scheduled her session for. So I called Anamarie, and we rescheduled for Friday. Thursday morning I get out of bed stretched and grabbed my dog’s leash to go outside and would you believe it…there is hardly a cloud in the sky. It was actually a pretty morning. I checked the weather, and of course it still says the sky is going to open at any moment and unleash mother nature’s fury. While I am still mildly irritated that I canceled the session on a perfectly usable morning, I brush it off and hope that is a little more accurate for it’s Friday forecast, dry and clear skies.

Sure enough I get out of bed and grab my leash, head outside to find rain. Okay, so not flash flood pounding the ground rain, but rain none the least. It stopped sprinkling right around 8, and Anamarie was still game to do her session. So Brad and I grabbed our gear and got to work. Anamarie1365

We chose a few cute outfits that could show Anamarie’s fun side, and got creative for our fake sunlight that we couldn’t have done without the help of her BFF Bess. Here are just a few I wanted to share with everyone. So despite the clouds we made it work and had a great time doing her session.

P.S. I’m seriously considering writing a very unpleasant letter, that we our buying our  own weather machine 🙂Anamarie1269

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