A Saturday for Siskin

Posted on 05. May, 2009 by in Children, Portraits

We recently did a promotion with Siskin Children’s Institute for their recent Style Works fundraiser. I wanted to share with all of you our session and images from working with Eli, Eva and Ross’ session. Eva and Ross were quick to point out to me that this was not their first visit to see Mr. Brad, and they knew the drill. So without any hesitation, they jumped out of their play clothes and into their portrait clothes. They also were also great helpers with getting Eli in position for his individual shots. Eli was such a little trooper toward the end of our session when we kept stealing the linen shirt off of his back to iron out the wrinkles, but it makes it all worth it when the shots end up being this cute. We had a fun little Saturday session, and we ended up with a truck load of great stuff!

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