Time Is Rushing By

Posted on 11. Aug, 2017 by in Children, Family, Individual, Portraits

As little children become young adults, and new parents become empty nesters, think of the good memories you had with your children, and embrace the new moments you will share with them as they enter adulthood…


Doesn’t it feel as though time just rushes away? The calendar pages turn, another year ends and soon we will be beginning another season that seems to be the busiest one yet. If we aren’t careful we will blink and it will be the last season before we become empty nesters. Soon the busy seasons might end and we may no longer be as needed as we once were in our children’s lives. We have all experienced times that we wanted to rush on to the next phase, maybe one that didn’t require us to be up all hours of the night with newborns or one that didn’t require us to be in the sun for hours as our toddler went down the same slide more times than we could count, but now as we are looking towards the end we wish we could go back. Don’t forget to capture the moments that are flying by. 

No matter how old, your child will always have someone to come home to.

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