The Best “Art” Money Can Buy

Posted on 07. Jul, 2017 by in Children, Family

Children are priceless and the importance of having family portraits taken is unmeasurable. It isn’t just for the parents, but for your children as well… As a photographer, I understand this concept. Taking portraits isn’t just to preserve memories, but to show a family’s love for one another. I also understand that a family portrait hung on the wall is a powerful tool to raise our children with stronger self-esteem and a sense of belonging. I recently read a study that correlated family and personal photography to children strongly feeling as if they are valued and belong. When they see themselves with their family in a portrait it creates a feeling of safeness. Knowing this, could you imagine filling the space on your walls with anything other? As a parent, I couldn’t agree more that putting family portraits on our walls is the best “art” money can buy. 

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