Patience is a Virtue

Posted on 30. Jun, 2017 by in Children, Couples, Family, High School Seniors, Individual, Portraits, Visual Stories

I asked a woman today why she chose to have us photograph her teenager’s senior portraits. Her answer was one we seem to hear a lot: “Because I knew that you would work hard to create an image reflective of my son. Anyone can take a photograph, only an artist can create an image that tells who my son is.”. We are so thankful to receive compliments like this one, but each one is simply earned with dedication and patience. We practice patience in every aspect of this art. Making sure the lighting is just perfect, lighting is everything, making sure we schedule the best day to create the most admirable portrait, making sure we spend time with you to listen to what is most important to you, making a special trip to help you put your outfits together, personally hanging the finished product in your home. It all takes time. Every piece of art you stumble upon takes time, craftsmanship, practice, passion, but most of all patience. 

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