Basketball and Smoke Bombs?

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What do basketball and smoke bombs have in common? They are just a couple of the wild and crazy ideas our 2017 Seniors did for their portraits.

Over the past few weeks, our 2017 Senior class has graduated and it’s bittersweet watching these kids, some that we’ve been photographing since they were born, leave home and head to college. It’s been a privilege to be part of their lives and create photographs of them as babies, toddlers, teens, and now young adults. I always enjoy looking back at senior portraits and think of how great it was to be a part of their transition. Seeing your children grow into who they want to be is an amazing experience.

Now, we begin looking at the rising 2018 Senior class as they think about what they would like to do to remember their senior year in photographs. These portraits showcase the personality and characteristics that make that senior who they are. Taking unique, fun senior portraits is not only a blast, it creates and holds memories of this final year of high school, for the parents and the senior that neither will forget. With that being said, I thought I’d share portraits from just a few of the seniors I’ve photographed this year.

Haille wanted to stand out and had an idea to use colorful smoke bombs for her senior portraits. It was an interesting process, to say the least. Haille is a senior at Baylor, and we have had the pleasure to photograph her since she was a little girl. Mom and Dad definitely loved these photographs and we did too!

Elliot wanted to do something patriotic for his senior portraits so we designed this look for him. Elliot is a senior at Boyd-Buchanan and since he is the second senior in his family, we made sure his photographs represented his style and personality and were not the same as those of his older brother.

Rileigh’s senior portraits really showed off her personality and hobbies! This image was taken in the pottery building at Baylor School. Rileigh has also been featured on the blog before, with portraits taken on the river at Baylor School.

Claire is a senior at GPS and was excited to take her portraits in the fall because of the beautiful colors. We have photographed Claire since she was a toddler, so it’s been wonderful to watch her grow up.

Braden is a senior at McCallie and was looking forward to showing off his favorite sport in his portraits. Taking this senior portrait from the top of a 16′ ladder proved to be fun for me, but scary for my assistant! Although, it certainly turned out well, wouldn’t you agree?

When we were planning out Leigh Anne’s senior session we decided to do some portraits on the Walnut Street Bridge. It just says Chattanooga and at the same time is a sassy and contemporary portrait of this Baylor senior. 

When King, also a senior at McCallie, said he wanted to do photographs on the golf course, we wanted anything but ordinary! Starting by ordering a gorgeous day, we wanted to create something that left no doubt that he was a serious golfer.

Congratulations to all our seniors on their wonderful achievements and well wishes on their upcoming adventures!

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  1. Irene A, Senior Portraits  15. Sep, 2017

    Another photographer mentioned you, and I had to come and check yout your website. I love that first photograph with the smoke bomb for all the color, the third one for the lighting and emotion, and the last one for the interesting perspective 🙂