Brad and Water Don’t Mix

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After sharing some of our pet stories, I thought it would be fun to regale you with some of the times that Brad or his equipment has undergone a slight mishap during a session.  Most of these were definitely not funny at the time but created those memories you don’t forget.

Imagine a little boy sitting in a chair behind his house, there is a swimming pool with a patio around it.  For Brad to get exactly what he wanted, he had to be right on the edge of the pool across from Jackson.  When working with children, you need to move quickly because they have short attention spans.  Brad goes into hyper-drive to go adjust a light and make sure everything is perfect.  One slight kick of the tripod leg and the camera falls, in slow motion, right into the swimming pool.  That might be the most costly session that Brad has ever done.bell

Then there was the time that Brad was photographing two cuties at a place we have always called Blue Hole.  The little girl decided to run around and explore instead of sitting with her big brother and she fell in.  Our hero, Brad, immediately jumped in to save her.  Not that it was deep enough for her to drown at that particular spot but definitely deep enough to get wet and cold!  This meant that both her and Brad ended up being wet.  After the shock of getting wet, there was laughter all around.  What a memory Mom and Dad have every time they look at that portrait.

It may sound to you like a pattern is developing.  See if you can find the common denominator – besides Brad.  While doing Morgan’s senior photographs, there goes the light stand into the creek and a few sizzle’s later, one fried flash. estep_116546

Obviously, with all these water accidents it makes one wonder whether he should really be photographing a high school senior under water.  Especially when he tells her mom to hold him under so he doesn’t float to the surface. stovall_unwater

For a different kind of frying, we switch to fire.  Brad wanted a campfire and needed to light the family with flashes to mirror the light from the fire.  He positioned the lights carefully very close to the fire so they were hidden but gave just the right light, in the right place.  This beautiful fire turned out to be incredibly blistering – dad and son were expert fire builders.  The result was two melted flashes.  They were so hot, he couldn’t even pick them up.  Thankfully, he had the image with the lighting he was looking for.sharpe

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