Time Marches On….

Posted on 03. Sep, 2016 by in Children, Portraits

12 years later! So exciting to walk into a home and see a portrait that I created several years ago, proudly displayed in a place of honor. Mom called because her oldest is a high school senior and will be leaving home soon and she wanted to recreate several of the images we had done over a decade ago to show how much has changed but still remains the same. Will and Carolyn were great sports considering the humidity was a 1000% percent and the temperature was awful! This was a fun image we did towards the end of the session just like the original session hug! Now mom will always have a visual reminder of how close her children are.Potts_scan_FBPotts_8451782_FB

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Your Thoughts

  1. Barbie Potts —  06. Sep, 2016

    Thank you Brad Cansler for creating the most spectacular artwork in my house!