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Every wonder how we can do so many different seniors portraits and yet create unique photographs for everyone?  It’s because of the conversations we have together.  Every senior has their own individual personality and story to tell; they bring their ideas, their hobbies and interests with them.  When we explore those ideas, we get to create moments for them that are unlike anyone else’s.  We love the fresh ideas and concepts that are shared together and apparently they do too!  Here are questions I asked some of our recent high school seniors or their parents and the responses they gave.

Q:  When we talked about doing photographs at the lake, what did you imagine the experience would be like?

A:  I did not imagine that you and your team would work so hard to get the perfect photograph.  Y’all went above and beyond the normal effort and it produced something amazing.  Not only that, but I was actually able to have fun while being photographed!  It was a great experience and I can’t wait to see all the images.

~King Jemison ‘17King

Q:  What was your favorite moment or memory from your Smoke Bomb session?

A:  The photo shoot with the smoke bombs was definitely one of my favorites.  It was an incredibly unique idea and Brad took that idea and made it ten times better.  I love the colors in the photos and couldn’t have asked for anything more spot on.

~Haille Dinger ‘17Haille


Q:  When you look at the portrait of Jon Pat swimming, what memory does it bring back?

A:  It reminds me of all the hard work and early mornings that he put in to make his dreams of swimming in college come true.  It also reminds me of the little 7 year old boy swimming his first race with pure joy and love of swimming that lasts a lifetime.  This photograph of Jon Pat symbolizes everything that he has strived to achieve as a senior swimmer at McCallie.  It is everything I hoped it would be and more.

~Wendy Ransom (Jon Pat ’16)Ransom_116985_bleach


Q:  How did you feel when we did photographs of you doing something you loved, like making pottery?

A:  It’s honestly not what I expected when I heard the words “senior pictures”.  I was so excited when Mr. Cansler suggested we dig deeper into things I’m really interested in and actually taking the pictures was such a fun experience.  I’m normally not very keen on staged pictures, so I think that’s pretty high praise coming from me.  The whole team was easygoing and helpful and worked to make the entire afternoon so great.  I feel like the pictures really reflect who I am as a person, which is exactly what I wanted for these photos.  I can’t wait to meet with Mr. Cansler again!

The experience was more than I imagined.  I was worried about having to drastically change my pottery technique to accommodate the lights and cameras, but instead the team worked to accommodate me.  I just did my thing, threw some pots, and occasionally tipped my head to the side.  The pictures are so amazing, and the experience was even better.

~Rileigh Arrington ‘17Rileigh

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