Dancing With the Chattanooga Stars

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The phone rang at the studio and on the other end was one of my best clients. She said I want you to be involved with a charity that I care deeply about. The year was 1992. Over the years I have been involved in one capacity or another with The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults. For the last few years I have been creating images to help with the marketing and promotion of the annual spectacular event Dancing With the Chattanooga Stars. This year, I have an even greater connection as my very own fabulous assistant Carla Calitz will be dancing on stage with her partner Austin Garrett! It is and has been an honor to give back to the community through my time and talent. I am sure many of you have seen the billboards all over town advertising the event. We had a grand time creating images of each dancer that were unique and full of personality designed for them to use in all the marketing pieces. If you haven’t bought your tickets maybe you could be lucky and find some available. Every year it is a fun event that raises money and awareness for the Partnership and the stellar work they do. See you there, I will be the one making noise for my favorite dance team Carla Calitz and Austin Garrett! I am not supposed to be partial but I am.

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