5 Secrets to Create a Continual Atmosphere of Romance

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Monroe_110269Romance! With Valentine’s Day arriving soon, many people are racking their brains to choose the perfect gift, ordering spectacular flowers or looking for unique chocolate. Maybe they are buying a romantic card or writing a love letter. A dozen red roses, candlelight dinners, champagne, and surprise weekend getaways. This is the stuff that romance is made of.

Or is it? Is this really romance? One of the dictionary definitions of romance is, “ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people.” I have heard from friends that their significant other would be furious if they didn’t buy flowers and some other gift to prove they are romantic. Why?

Romance is so much more than lavish gifts and “stuff”. Romance is not one event, at one moment in time, at one location. It is a way of feeling, thinking and being.

True romance is like the air we breathe, it is all around us constantly nurturing our interaction and enhancing our intimate relationships. What are some of the ingredients of romance?

Romance is being involved with your significant other, caring about what’s happening in their daily routine, helping to make their life as smooth and easy as possible. Lending a hand with the kids, sharing the duties in the kitchen and around the house. Taking the time to show each other appreciation every single day. Saying thank you and please, how can I help make your life better? Going out of your way to be considerate and thoughtful. Doing random and unexpected things to make a statement about their importance in your life. Romance is about delightful surprises not onerous duties that have to be done.

Too often romance is neglected because people become complacent and sometimes even demanding; you owe me this because blah, blah, blah… When this happens bitterness and resentment are sure to follow.

Here are 5 secrets to create a continual atmosphere of romance.

1. Compliments – You have heard it said, flattery will get you anywhere. In your relationships this couldn’t be truer. Compliment her often on something you appreciate. Let him know how important he is!

2. Expect the Unexpected – Keep each other on your toes! Surprise each other, if you watch a TV show every single week, set the DVR and take the other one out for no reason. Instead of buying flowers on Valentines why not surprise her during the year for fun.

3. Keep it simple – Many small gestures throughout the year show your VIP’s how important they are to you.

4. Uniquely tailored – Instead of only buying generic gifts, take the time to find something that will show you value them and that they will enjoy. If she loves sunflowers don’t give her roses because you are supposed to. If he loves music, don’t just buy an iTunes gift card, choose something you know he will love. Make the effort to create a lasting memory.

5. Embrace a routine – If you both love hiking then consistently set aside time to do that together. Movie buffs? Book off a time when you can enjoy each other’s company and your favorite movies.

To be truly romantic you must first feel good about yourself and accept yourself, flaws and all. Only by the realization that you are a human being with great intrinsic value can you really show your appreciation for someone else. Romance then becomes an extension of who you are.

All human beings need to feel loved, appreciated, heard and understood. This year decide to be more Romantic by being aware of what you can do for the important people in your life!

This does not mean that you should tell your significant other that Brad Cansler said not to buy them something! Of course, we think if you want to give a special gift for Valentines Day, you can’t miss with a portrait from Cansler Photography.


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