A Resolution of Beauty

Posted on 05. Jan, 2016 by in Uncategorized

Sullivan_105166The new year is here. Many people are making promises to do better and try harder.

This is a great opportunity to resolve to look for beauty in your life. There are so many times that we get caught up in getting through each day and we wonder where our time has gone. How often do we tend to notice details when we are rushing about, bustling through our days? It seems that when we slow down a bit and really take in our surroundings, that we can then see the details often overlooked.  These are also the times we can recognize the beauty that is always around us.

Slowing just a bit, really looking into the eyes of your favorite people, noticing the bits of leaves on the sidewalk, the frost on a window or savoring a child’s laugh; these small things add to our days. Resolving to look for beauty might just be as simple as noticing more detail, more small things in your daily life.

We hope this new year brings more and more beauty into your life and that you are able to take the time to enjoy it!

Happy New Year!

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