Why Family Portraits Are a Good Idea Now

Posted on 12. Oct, 2015 by in Brad, Family, He-Said-She-Said, Portraits

Imagine yourself in 30 years. Will you look back and wish that you had more  photographs of the family all together? Getting family portraits made is truly an investment; not just in money but also time.

Yes, it’s true that scheduling is not easy. Children have practices, games, and recitals. Parents have teacher conferences and late meetings; they have to manage the children’s schedules as well as their own. We all have many, many things demanding our time.

But think. The reason it is so important to have your family photographed is because of time. They don’t stay this age very long. We all know this.

Having your portraits made captures moments right now—for us to reflect on later. And while we are talking about reflecting on our portraits, keep in mind that they aren’t just for parents. One day, your children will be incredibly grateful that they have beautiful family portraits for them to cherish.

Often, we have loads of photographs on our phones of our kids. But how often do we really have the whole gang together for those? Most mothers have many photographs of their family that are missing just one person—MOM—because she is usually the one taking the pictures.

Getting the family together for your portrait is something you’ll be glad you did. Not only right now, but in the future.


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