Hurry, the Sky is Beautiful and Clear!

Posted on 26. Jun, 2014 by in Individual, Portraits

We have been waiting for a non hazy day to create new publicity and marketing images for our own Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra music director – Kayoko Dan. Kayoko and I had discussed being ready at a moments notice if the weather co-operated, Yesterday was the day that we had been waiting for. I gave her a call and when we both finished our appointments for the day off we went. My daughter Sydney was my assistant helping to carry the lights up to Stringers Ridge Overlook. Then a mad dash over to a good friends house on Elder to capture the twinkling lights of Chattanooga. We had a blast talking and the clouds were beautiful, can’t wait toshow them all off but here is a little taste.Dan_Kayoko_95011Dan_Kayoko_95039_FB

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